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Forming, structuring, and managing your buy-to-let company.

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What we do

We make setting up a buy-to-let company quick, easy, and cost-effective. Here’s what we can do for you:

Create a limited company

Set up and incorporate a company specifically designed for buy-to-let. 

Structure your company

 We’ll help with shareholder and/or director loan agreements, articles of association and so much more. 

Manage your company

Our fees include completing and filing your end of year accounts and corporate tax returns, as well as all secretarial services and post management.

Why our customers love us


Complete everything you need to do to set up your company in less than 30 minutes.


All services you need to set up and administer your company under one roof and all online.


We are 10x more cost-effective than the average competitor.

Our pricing
UK residents
One time setup
(exc vat)
Non-UK residents
One time setup
(exc vat)
What does this cover?
Your one time setup fee covers everything you need to get started:
Company formation
Company structuring
Legal documents
Financial account
Ongoing subscription fee
(exc vat)
What does this cover?
This is the monthly fee that GetGround charges for operating your limited company on an ongoing basis.
Tax returns
Dividend admin
Secretarial services
Post management
Registered office address

Everything you need in one place

GetGround offers an all-in-one platform to help you easily manage your buy-to-let properties in one unified place.

Education centre

Whether you're new to the space, or a seasoned investor, we have content designed for you.

UK account with sort code and account number

GBP account for all your property's needs including rental income and expenses.

Foreign currency to your GetGround account 

Send money internationally through your GetGround currency account. 

Easy accounting and tax returns

We complete your draft end of year accounts and tax returns, filing them with Companies House and HMRC.

Mortgage access

Get mortgage offers seamlessly through our platform, connected directly with buy-to-let lenders.

Buy and sell with others

Buy and sell shares in your company with other investors in less than one day vs. 16 weeks for property.

Additional property service access

Furniture, solicitor, letting agencies, advisory referrals. All from one platform.

Single document depository

Digitally store and see all your documents in one place.

Benefits of a buy-to-let company

Having your buy-to-let under a company structure can offer you multiple benefits over holding it under your personal name.

Tax efficiencies‍

Open the door to significant tax savings. Find out more here.

Protect yourself through limited personal liability

Company assets are held seperately from your personal ones. If an investment goes wrong, your personal assets are safer.

Improve your inheritance planning

Flexibility in gifting shares while maintaining tax efficiency.

Efficiently buy and sell with others

Maximize your housing prices when you sell, and generate savings for both you and your buyer

What our customers and partners say


I have no hesitation recommending GetGround. During my working day speaking to people about Property Investment I often asked questions about Tax structures, Offshore Companies, Stamp Duty changes. They respond immediately with great information they are professional reliable and very knowledgeable. They are always my first point of call.

Chris A - Holborn Assets

GetGround is a convenient and user-friendly one-stop service that takes care of our UK property investments. Chris Frame from GetGround is professional, efficient and reliable and we have great trust in him and his team. We would not hesitate to recommend the services of GetGround to other investors looking to maximise their investments with minimum hassle.

George & Chia
GetGround customers

User-friendly turnkey solution with decent personalised support for landlords all over the World.

Philip Y
GetGround customer

They provide all-in-one services to landlords and save us a lot of our time and effort for all matters relating to company management. Surely you can become a landlord with peace of mind.

Eden L
GetGround customer

GetGround is a comprehensive and well-designed one-stop service that handles my company matters for UK property. The team from GetGround are responsive, knowledgeable and helpful. I would not hesitate to recommend the services of GetGround to other investors looking to incorporate with minimum hassle.

Ruth L
GetGround customer

I could not believe how easy and quick it was to set up my company with GetGround. Managing the company is a breeze as they offer all services I need within their monthly subscription. Fantastic service and much recommended!

Mark Y
GetGround customer

There are so many reasons to purchase UK investment property through a company. GetGround was the solution I was looking for to make it easy and cost-effective!

Jon S
GetGround customer

I am very happy with the services provided by GetGround and I would definitely recommend GetGround to all my friends & relatives who are planning to purchase properties in the UK.  All the staff are so friendly, helpful and efficient in assisting me to go through all the hassles in managing my companies & properties.

GetGround customer

With £600 setup fee and monthly £24, all my company filings, accounting and reporting issues will be taken care of,  it’s amazing! Also, I really want to say thank you to their customer representative, Bianca who contacted me right after the setup. Her prompt actions to provide me answers and help are a great PLUS!

Angela H
GetGround customer

All GetGround customers I’ve dealt with have seemed happy with the service and delivery of GetGround’s product, and I believe that they offer a much needed solution given the current market conditions. The team are very professional and a pleasure to deal with.

Sam L - Capricorn Financial Consultancy

Now everyone can use companies to optimize their investment! GetGround has made what used to be limited for the ultra high net-worth, accessible to all! Whether it's your 1st property or 10th, GetGround's solution is certainly something every investor should consider to ensure optimal tax & legacy planning.

Virata - CSI

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